1. Make your partner feel comfortable.
2. Keep the conversation flows going.
3. Be an interesting date.
4. Laugh at their jokes.
5. Be on time.
6. Be yourself.
7. Talk about their interests also.
8. Be romantic.
9. Be confident.
10. Show respect to your partner’s wishes.


1. Talk about yourself all time.
2. Be late.
3. Talk about your ex relationships.
4. Eat with your mouth open.
5. Try to be something you are not.
6. Show disrespect for your partner or their beliefs.
7. Forget to thank them for the time spend.
8. Pursue sex after your partner has said no.
9. Propose marriage n kids.
10. Ask too many questions.

5 Responses

  1. Nice Shayari in non of love.

  2. Tumko dekha…

    Tumko dekha…

    Tumko dekha…

    To yeh khayal

    paaglon ke stock me naya maal aaya!

  3. Soooo nice dost…….

  4. Dosto sad shairy send kro

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