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  1. thanx a lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thnx so muchh …. it is really a kool site . cheers ……

  3. thank u

  4. can i get mp3 format downloads?

  5. gr8 treat 4 me n ppl………thanx a lot.hope u’ll add ghazals n more songs…

  6. no words….

    he is my IDOL

    he have god gift and that is his voice…

  7. when i heard this album first time, i was just dumb silent to listen to the album and since then i have not counted the no of times, i have heard the songs, he is a complete singer, no doubt about it

  8. simply superb and enchanting taking you to a new world. thank u kailasha

  9. SUPERB i am a big big fan and most of us here in pakistan are. one just cant stop listening. amazing music

  10. You are doing great job…….keep it up.

  11. kailash kher is awsome,his songs touch ur heart

  12. yaar tusi Delhi dee shhan ho…keep it up

  13. I like u budy.

  14. i like ur style

  15. he is an awesome singer….
    i admire him a lot!!!!
    may god bless him always…..

  16. Kailash kher is a God gifted special singer to me.I lose my heart when I hear his song.. Saiyyan…
    May God bless him.

  17. awesom my fellow v good

  18. Kailash kher’s song is amazing song………………..
    saiyyan is to good to say

  19. kailash kher is the best singer ever

  20. can any one pls tell me whose song is
    “” ishq nachaya ve thaiya thaiya “”
    is it of kailash kher ????
    can any1 tell me where i can find this song ?

  21. is album ne tu pagl
    kr dya ha
    mera dost ye gana buhat zabardast gata ha

  22. I have listened these songs first time but felt that these r the songs i usual use to listen.

    ur every new song becomes popular before it is known that it is new.

  23. bakwas singer

  24. the best song of kailash kher i love most is” tu meri jaan hai tu mara aarman hai “zzzzaaakaaaassss

  25. i like u verrrryyyyyyy muchhhhh
    dada. your songs are……..just fabulous.no words can explain it. specially saiyaan…….. .dilruba also. i love them most from any other songs. we want to hear u more. so keep it up & all the best.

  26. the best songs of the kailash kher i loved all songs lf the k k. we want to hear u more.

  27. my name is usman khan tareen. i am lessning the kailash kher songs al the songs are very well and i love the kk songs usmantareen90@yahoo.com

  28. hey its a exceptional album.after many years some of his inclusions has thrilled me

  29. awesome songs…specially saiyaan…..gud job again done by kailash kher…..god bless him…keep it up…!!!!

  30. HIIIII

    awesome songs…specially saiyaan…..gud job again done by kailash kher…..god bless him…keep it up…!!!!

  31. awesome songs…specially saiyaan…..gud job again done by kailash kher…..god bless him…keep it up…!!!!

  32. awesome site

  33. Itz really Cool. I love U Alot and thanx A Lot.Love U All

  34. kk is doing great job especially in classical & mystic songs.keep it up

  35. its a great site…..size of the songs are so samall

  36. Sir u r guru that ur song saiyyan is marvellous,fablous,out standing really its teaches my heart becoz it composing,lyrics r sung by heart that why’s its so nice.

  37. sir i m ur fan…………………….
    really brillant…………………………..

  38. Dear Kailash, excellent, god bless you.

  39. saiyaan is mind blowing song with yr mind blowing god gifted voice.

  40. the best album of the year !!!!yes yes

  41. i like u very much

  42. pls. send kailash kher all album in my email
    thk u

  43. very nice album

  44. i luv kailash kher for his songs

  45. hi ,
    this is amit here and how are you

  46. its a very good album
    i love this all one songs to mush

  47. kailash kher’s album jhoomore is mind blowing

  48. i could not download any song of this album.


  50. i could not download any song of this album

  51. I could not download any song of this album

  52. This is Rock & favoulous album

  53. jossssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  54. it very lovely song

  55. u good and good enough

  56. Very nice voice.I like and my favourite singer.Keep it up.Be indian and contribute.

  57. main toh teray piyaar may deewana hogaya !! this song is by kailash kher .. can any one send me download link?

  58. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  59. What nonsense singer… this singer can come and suck my dick hard… All bollywood music is stolen from south music… south music rocks.. bollywood singer needs some deep throat job to improve there singing… !!!

  60. kailash kher……… rocks!!!!!!!


  62. thanx a lot

  63. It’s really a cool site, i am very happy to be a part of this site.

  64. heyy can anyone tell me frm where 2 download Tere Liye by kailash kher.
    its th title track of Ekta Kapoor’s new serial “Tere Liye”
    if u find it plz mail it or th link th


  65. I like every songs of yours especially aao ji. It touches my heart everytime I turn it on. Gud work……..buddy.

  66. You are brilient.you are rocking.what ever you do nobody can do. It’s very difficult to sing kailasa sonp.

  67. Hai, kailashji namskar. Aapko aur aapki music group ko payar bhara namsakar . Aapki singing ko lekar hu bahut khus hai. Aur ha mere sare friend ko aapki song hi pasand aati hai wha wha jay ho kailash ji ki aur ha aapko muje milna hai. Plece aapka muje replay jarur dena thanks

  68. kailash sir for me your are my ideal

  69. Hi kailash,
    Twada koi jabab nai ,Tusi Top ho Top
    g^_^D Luck

  70. i love yours all song

  71. -………..sandar ……….

  72. hey its a exceptional album.after many years some of his inclusions has thrilled me. ……..nice songs Kailash kher.

  73. I love u chhote

  74. Hi, My name is Amit….

  75. He became frightened, and beginning to sink, he cried out, “Lord, save me!” Immediately jesus stretched out his hand and look hold of him, and said to him “You of little faith, why did you doubt ?”

  76. kailash kher’s album jhoomore is mind blowing…
    very very cool…….

  77. kailash kher’s album jhoomore is mind blowing

  78. I love this album. Ihave no word to comment this album

  79. I love this album

  80. nice singer par gaana sirf ek hi achaa hai i.e.saaiyaan


  82. i like your voice

  83. Teri maka bhosda download kaise hoga.

  84. he is my IDOl

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