Orkut Invitation !

List your name and emailID if you need orkut invitation.

But Please do write ur email id and NAME within the COMMENT BELOW itself it would be easier for me .


229 Responses

  1. Its indeed beautiful

  2. its indeed fine

  3. reactivate my account

  4. please give me an orkut invitation


      Here is a very nice trick to directly enter the NEW ORKUT without requiring

      an invitation code..


      just go to:


      and login with ur present orkut id and enjoyyyy…

      • Its Atif Aslam Song middle lines,
        Apni Wafaa Pe Hai To Yaqeen, Tum Saath Na Do To Main Kiya Karon”.
        Can you please tell me song name.

  5. do you want to friendship with me

  6. please send me a orku inivite

  7. wanna be friends with you and all others

  8. Please can u send me an orkut invite?

  9. pls send me an orkut invite

  10. hope everything goes right!!!!!!!!

  11. Amar

  12. it is simply fantastic

  13. please give me an invitation…………..

  14. please give me an invitation

  15. please give an invitation

  16. i checked for ambily at orkut and there are so many; didnt know which exactly was yours. so thought i’d ask yourself. k.arunlal is my orkut profile. chek out. and if you feel so, add me too please.

  17. superb chance for me

  18. best chance for me

  19. pls send me one…

  20. plz send me an orkit invitation too

  21. please send me aorkut invitation

  22. please send me an orkut invitation. thank you

  23. please send me an orkut invitation. thank you

  24. Hi

  25. do ne one know the e- mail adress of atif aslam i dien to chat wd him

  26. plsssssss do tell me if ne one knows e mail adress of atif aslam plssssssssssss

  27. want an orkut invitation…………………..

  28. Plsssssss send me an orkut invitation. Thank you.

  29. i need it so mch tht i cnt xpress
    pls give it

  30. i need it

  31. pls send me the Orkut Invitation.

  32. Hi….I am going to add you to orkut..Love ur collections thks a lot

  33. plz add me as ur frnd

  34. hi

  35. u r very gud persion
    i m very khus to joined this chirkut

  36. I want to join u friends……………

  37. Hi wanna join u……….

  38. Please invite me to orkut. Thank you.

  39. name ainee khan
    email id aineejaguar@yahoo.com

  40. i realy need it hopefuly u will really send it to me

  41. hi atif aslam, your album doorie is fabullous and I like u very much. u r my idle and ur friend shazi,gohar and farhan (jal band boys) rocking.

  42. please invite me in orkut.i alwayas sing ur songs all the time.

  43. prashanth


    plz send me an invite

  44. plz send me invitation

  45. plz send me invitation of

  46. plz send me invitation of orkut

  47. i am intrested to friendship to girl


  48. friendship

  49. cool

  50. hi guys

  51. plz send me a invitation

  52. pls send me mail.

  53. plz send me a invitation

  54. Hi! plz send me an orkut invitation


  55. kamran

  56. plz send me invi. plz plz plzzz!!

  57. Jeetendra Wawdhane

  58. hi its nice time i am enjoying so much

  59. Thanks for your invitation. Now I can enjoy Orkut.

  60. send me some sexy hot video clips or photos quickly as possible

  61. its really nice

  62. thnks for orkut invitation

  63. hi any body willing to became afreind of mine

  64. it realy good

  65. its realy nice

  66. Hi Dear !

    Please send me an invitation I hope ,
    it would be your favor to me ,
    Thanks in advance

  67. Hi My name is vala, email I valafull@gmail.com would be very happy if u send me invitation to Orkut! thanks

  68. plz invite me soon

  69. full masti

  70. invite me orkut

  71. Please Invite me

  72. its amazing

  73. The best way to get near.

  74. sufi1301@hotmail.com
    Name : Sufirfan.
    Location : Pune (Maharashtra)

  75. plz invite me

  76. hey,plz send me orkut invitation….thnx

  77. HI friends,

  78. plz send me a invition of orkut.

  79. Please give me a orkut invitation

  80. please give me invitation

    orkut is the best

  81. orkut is the best

    ( ) ( )
    ( )

    please give invitation

  82. hi here s prem a tarot card reader .i want real friendship is there anyone………….?

  83. Hi this is Anthony!
    I really need a orkut invitation!!

  84. Hello plz send me an orkut invitation.

  85. hi anyesha i really need u please send an invitation to orkut.

  86. hi anyesha i now only got urs invitation

  87. hi anyesha ijust found urs message in orkut

  88. hi

  89. cool

  90. good 1

  91. cyanide_red@yahoo.co.in
    its a fantastic site

  92. please send me an orkut invitation

  93. plz send me invitatioon

  94. plz send me invitatioon

  95. sent me orkut invitation

  96. send me an orkut invitation

  97. hello friends

  98. plz send me invitatioon

  99. Hi can u please add me in the orkut group where i can get hindi movies download and hindi songs download


  100. orkut is very useful

  101. its really good site.

  102. do anyone wants to friendship with me?

  103. please send me cool sexy messages on my mail{sonia_4551621@yahoo.com}

  104. plz invite me

  105. Plz give me invitation

  106. Plz give me invitation

  107. plz snd m invi

  108. lets get our frndship……

  109. lets get it …..frnd…..

  110. only girl invite me ……………..

  111. plz send me the invitation.

  112. accept the invit..

  113. hello …

    email id: vikas17786@yahoo.co.in

  114. hello thank you fr inviting me

  115. hello n thank u 4 inviting

  116. do anyone wants to friendship with me?

  117. pls send me a request

  118. hi friend .
    i am kamal
    please send me mail
    email id: – youngkamal143@yahoo.co.in

  119. hi neha
    how are you
    neha plz send me mail
    my mail id is : – youngkamal143@yahoo.co.in

  120. please send me a orkut invite

  121. it will be hit

  122. Hello everyone
    whats going on

  123. thnkkkzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………
    plzzzzzz add meeeeeeeeee…………..

  124. i am 27m from dubai i am serching female indian friend

  125. searching 4 a true frnd………………………..

  126. searching 4 a true frnd…………………………….
    plz send me a orkut invite.

  127. plz give me full free gprs setting for U.P. [ nokia 6670]

  128. pl. send me a orkut invite & let me enter new world of orkut.Thanks……

  129. sir hi i want to join ur community so plz proccess it above the measage ok thanks .
    best regards

  130. i want to join ur community

  131. Helllo
    Pls Send Me

  132. hello

  133. Add me as ur orkut friend

  134. Hi@@@ Frnds

  135. very good. mano khatlu biki said very good

  136. Johny Walker

  137. hi
    waiting to add me in urs frdlist

  138. hi how ru?
    mail me at yasheagle2004@yahoo.com

  139. hi h r u?

  140. hi how ru?
    mail me at ahmed_khan_2002@hotmail.com

  141. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz guys send me the invitation

  142. what a good tone he has …mind blowing

  143. this is good site to get a video

  144. its rocking ur world

  145. Good One , very fast to download

  146. send me invitaion for orkut

  147. HI,

    How are U?

  148. hi dear enjoy life every moment i m with u in all circumstances ok sear i wait ur invitation ok

  149. please send me invitation

  150. please send me invitation

  151. life is a like worship

  152. hello friends

  153. plz send me invitation

  154. Please sen me orkut invitation. Thank you.

  155. Please sen me orkut invitation.tank u

  156. please send me an orkut invitation

  157. Hi I am your biggest fen in the world. Plz send me orkut invitation

  158. pls invite me

  159. hi i am manoj pradhan

  160. please send me orkut invitation

  161. plz. invites to orkut

  162. hai i want to make more friends

  163. join me on orkut for fun

  164. i also wanna join

  165. pls send me orkut invitation

  166. join me on orkut for true friendship……
    my name is rohit kumar
    my email id is rohit.div@gmail.com

  167. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii add me

  168. Hello neha

    I want to chat with you

    pls send a mail on my mail-

  169. i need to activaye my account

  170. hello any1 is to chat with me……..

  171. HI I M MAGIC

  172. please send me aorkut invitation

  173. please send me an orkut invi

  174. ya send me invitation

  175. hindisongs

  176. lovely shayari. i love shayari.


  177. Thukra ke usne kaha k muskurao!
    Maine hans diya, aakhir sawal uski khushi ka tha,
    Maine khoya woh jo mera tha hi nahi,
    Usne khoya wo jo sirf usi ka tha

    Sarb Sultanpuri
    B C

  178. give me orkut invitation


  179. Please send me an invitation of Orkut


  180. Please send me an invitation of Orkut

  181. Send me love sms

  182. plz send me invitation

  183. i am ver eager to log in with u

  184. please send me a invite

  185. fabio almeida
    seth13 at gmail


  186. please send me invitation to new orkut… thnks…. 🙂
    email id: ppradeep.ppk@gmail.com

  187. i want 2 get an orkut invite……

  188. hi pagal tum sumjati kyou nahi

  189. can i have an orkut invitation. plsssssssssssssss

  190. give invitetion plssssssssssssssssss

  191. kkkkkkkkk

  192. Please sen me orkut invitation.tank u

  193. with of love my friend

  194. hi……………..how r u?

  195. please call only girls 9887434979

  196. plez call me heart of my any girl

  197. nice songs nice voice and nice music.,my all friends like this album tracks..
    Keep it on kailasha

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