Your Requests!

Hey guys Im introducing this page so that you all can post ur requests here regarding any topic on the blog ,I will try my level best to fulfill them as early as possible ,but guys pls be patient enough to let me work on ur requests and pls keep visiting to know about updates of ur requests.

Thank u all and keep loving me the same way!

156 Responses

  1. this is a very bad site. songs are so bad. pls stop work of this site. i don’t like it.

  2. Can u please upload albumbs also i am really in search of Jagjit Singh – Muntazir

    but i didnt find it anywere. can u please upload it,
    thanx in advance 🙂

    ur page rocks n we do luv u 🙂

  3. Hi,
    I was Elated to find Tere bin By Aatif, that 2 in Rm format.

    Its a good thing that u offer downloads in RM format, a lot of time is saved without the quality being compromised.

    I wud be Elated further if some1 posts downloads for “Colonial Cousins” “Indian Rain” in particular. I churned the net but i cudn’t find and download links. Hope I will get it here.


  4. pls upload the song of Ahuntony Kaun hai? Flim song. I am looking for thos song from long days.


  5. Hi, Ambily

    This is a gr8 site.I find it very convenient to download songs in .rm format as they are very small

    Can u plz upload any of Ronan Keating’s albums

    Thnx in advance

  6. this is a very good site….
    please get me the aryan album songs aankhon mein tera he chehra in rm format if possible.
    also plz get me mp3 to rm converter full version

  7. iwant songs of navratri dandhiya songs it shoulbe gujrati

  8. Hi,

    Can anyone post a link to Vikas Bhalla’s “Awara”…an old hit from an album of the same name….tnx!

    Sam 🙂

  9. chit key of oo7 james bond nightfire & project igi2 game. I am looking for this key long time. So pls upload

  10. Try any one of these for oo7 james bond nightfire
    1740-9488245-5171152-5578 7954-3123341-1387427-6504 1740-9488245-5171152-5578
    and for project igi2 try these
    edc3-bf50-c7e3-fa4d EF78-2444-2FF8-1 EF77-3833-3EE7-1B67

  11. sudipta
    no u dont understand.I am looking for the “cheat key” that help me to complet the game.

  12. sudipta
    no u dont understand.I am looking for the “cheat key” that help me to complet the pls upload the cheat key of thos game.I am looking for cheat key not serial number.

  13. I am looking 4 an old song from the film do ankhen barah hath….. Eh malik tere bandhe hum….

    Have u got this one pls upload it.

    Thanks in advance

  14. plz improve the quality of songs if possible.

    tere bin songs quality is nice.but shiva,umrao jaan r not that good.even in my home theatre system SOMETIMES I FEEL THAT i am listening songs in a fm radio.

    AND PRIVATE ALBUM “CALL”( from a pakistani band)

  16. Hi,
    Is it poosible for you to upload songs which are compatible with linux also.


  17. this is a very good site….
    please get me the shakira album songs.

  18. Please advise how to save songs to my hard disk in Computer?

  19. I am able to listen songs but do not know how to save the songs to my Computer hard disk.
    Can anyone advise me the procedure to save songs?

  20. Hi,
    this Web site is cool man, can I get the Mp3 songs for Chup chupke


  21. can any opne send me the SARKAR soundtracks.pllllssss

  22. this is an awesome site caarry on

  23. mp3 songs of sound of music

  24. can u send gangstar songs eagerly waiting 4 that songs(if possible,in rm format)…..advance thanx 2 u….

  25. I am looking for a song of Kishor Kunar.The Song is “Tera mujh se tha phelaka nata koi”.Pls upload the song


  26. can u send me some sweet waiting 4 ur reply..nd advance thanx 2 u..

  27. plz send ‘dil to pagal hai’ songs..i need all the songs,,mainly ‘tujhe yaad na meri aayi’..plz send that songs
    nd advance thanx 2 u..

  28. hello,

    Please send the code of Bin tere kya hai jina it is pleature to if you send me on this no. 9810979925. please urgent.

  29. more detail about himesh new movie and he steal a song of atif is it right

  30. plz send me the song bach ke rehna from the movie shaadi ka laddoo

  31. dear sir
    kindly provide me download of my most favourite song aapne apna banaya meherbaani aap ki from moovie dulhan ek raat ki
    many thanks

  32. pls give me dnload of song aap ne apnaa banaaya meherbaani aap ki from moovie by name dulhan ek raat ki

  33. This Is a very good site I gert songs for free downloading. thankyou very much ……
    There is a special request :
    I need the song “Tare gin gin yaad vich” From the Album Ishq – by sukhbir.
    I will be grateful to u if u upload this song on the Internet.

    Thankyou : Amar

  34. hey please tellme how did u make that logo of ur email “” one

  35. Gr8 site man.Plz can you upload the song ‘Teri Yaadon Mein’ from the movie ‘The Killer’.Thnx in advance


  36. Hai i am aditya want to watch videos of “Aaj ki raat and khaike pan “

  37. Thank You Very much for uploading the .rar format of the song i requested. thanx a lot

  38. Hi ! I have a request for the song
    “Dil Le gayi Kudi Gujarat Di”
    Sung by Sukhvinder Singh… I am sorry i Don’t know the name of the film or album whichever it is….
    Plz Plz plz upload this song.
    Thanx in advance.

  39. Dil le gayi kudi is a song sung by jassi
    and not by Sukhvinder Singh any ways just download it from here.dil legayi MP3

  40. Thanx A lot for the song “Dil Le gayi”
    Thnk you very much…

  41. I Want the song “Gal Ban Gayee” sung by SUKHBIR. Plz give me the link for it.

  42. Hi… I heard a song some time back.
    It was an english Song, the Catch Line was “I love You” I dont know the singer or the album to witch it belongs. I f you get this song please upload it. I think It is also called the proposal song.

  43. i want the lyrics of “tere bin” from the movie “bas ek pal”

  44. you can get the lyrics of “tere bin” from the movie “bas ek pal” by visiting this page on the same site only Tere Bin from Bas ek pal by atif aslam

  45. I want the song of the film of killer. so pls upload the song of this film.

  46. Hey What About the song “Gal Ban Gayee” Sung by Sukhbir Plz Give me this Song…. Thanx

  47. why r u upload the song of the killer film.I am waiting for that.

  48. Here is the song “Gal Ban Gayee” by Sukhbir download it now

  49. Tell me about some great “party Songs” Like :
    To Brazil – Vengaboys
    Ishq tera Tadpave -Sukhbir
    Gal Ban Gayi – Sukhbir
    Larger than Life

    I need some Party Songs that i can play whenever i host a Party at my house.

  50. i need the full song lyrics of
    “Tare gin gin Yaad se teri” ,
    “Dil Le Gayi Kudi Gujarat Di”…

    Thank You

  51. can I get the Mp3 songs for Kranti 1981


  52. i like this side very very much.
    and i want songs of Masti movie can you downlod for me .

  53. Can anyone of you provide me with the link from where i can download the song
    ‘Dillagi Dillagi’ from the film Dillagi
    starring sunny deol, bobby deol and urmilla martondkar.

  54. Hi Can u upload Dhoom 2 Video Song. I want the video for the title song.
    I want the full video. Plz…………………….Get me………I will be grateful to u.


  55. ye pal, rahe na rahe kal, pal yaad ayenge ye kal
    please search me this song

  56. Can u please upload songs i am really in search from last 4 years and that is a muvi name “The Guru”.don’t confuse it is not upcoming guru itis reseased much time back and someone called jimmi mistry had played alid roll in it, he played a s_x guru roll in it….
    the songs were really nice so plz if u get plz plz upload it….

    thanx in advance………….

    ur page rocks…..

  57. hey, can u pls post the software,where an mp3, wav.etc files can be converted to .rm format for mobiles.. Pls post it ..

  58. can you please send in the Nokia composer tone for Babul-Har mansar

  59. pls upload the song of nasha of pankaj udash.

  60. hi……..this page z 2222 gud
    therez a request,i need the songs fariyaad and hum tumko 4rm the movie garv..i know its a bit old,but i need it,can ny1 send me in mail at,really lookin fwd 4 it..

  61. Hey, where is the song of nasha of pankaj Udashas.I am wating for that.

  62. Hi
    I want the Songs:
    1. Dooba-Dooba rehta hoon (Silk Route)
    2. Door (Strings)
    3. Tumko Piya Dil Diya itne Naaz Se Ho- the singer is Annamika; sorry dont know the album
    4. Hold Me touch Me (George Micheal)
    5. Hosh walon ko khabar kya(Sarfarosh)

    Plz Send me these songs
    Thanx In Advance


  63. What happend u dnt upload my requests?I am looking for the song of the pankaj udhashs album nasha.Pls upload soon.

  64. U dnt have any upgradation in ur site?I give u a request from 3days ago and still dnt get any respose.

  65. wasif malik pakistani singer song javi na javi na mp3 free download softare send me plzzzzzz.Thank you


  66. bidu sutta maro sutta

    plz post this song

  67. kindly mail me song…..

    sutta maro sutta…sung by shaan…album name is ..shut up and dance…video is done by ria sen

    thx i b waiting


  68. Hey plz upload the lyrics for the song Dhoom Again from the film Dhoom 2. Its urgent for me. Plz do upload it. Shanka

  69. hey plz upload the song whos lyrics is mentioned below “mile sur mera thumara” i will be waiting.

  70. i would like to upload one VIDEO song from NISHABDH movie . How do i do that ?


  71. can you plz stop this auto freakin song to played all time ,,its really annoying

  72. i would like to upload the songs of salaam-e-ishq by adnam swami

  73. please send me or upload in this website some video-audio songs of crazy kiya re ,aashiq banya(its your wish),ya ali,rock n roll soniye,where’s the party tonight this a good web site i mean it please send to my e-mail or upload it in this web site as soon as possiable

    thank you

  74. please send as soon as possiable please waiting for the songs

  75. plz post the songs of movie – KHOSLA KA GHOSLA

  76. plz send me atifaslam song pyar dewana hota hai

  77. hi

  78. hi,i want to download Anwar songs,plz give me the link

  79. Please send me the song or the link to download song
    “Yeh aankhen dekh kar hum sari duniya bhool jaate hain”
    Thanks and Regards

  80. plz send funy mp3 ringtone

  81. gham judai ka tu bohot tha magar i need this song to download where can i get it

  82. we need doom2 video song(doom2 again)

  83. hi deepthi

  84. hi jano i really love your side with your nice messages thanks jano and try to make it best than this,and u can send to my meail adress too, my adress is,, thanks jano babay

  85. Hey dude could u pls… upload d vedio of its magic from koi mil gya
    vedio of dil na diya from krish

  86. da songs r not downloading!!!! can u help me out pl!!!!!!!!!!

  87. can someone pls upload songs of pyar ke side effects in rm format. that would be gr8

  88. hay budy..can u upload the songs or SHOOT OUT AT LOKHANDWALA movie… plzzzzz upload I want these songs imedetly…

  89. atifs all songs needed…..

  90. atif songs…

  91. pyar dewana hota hai

  92. pyar dewana hota hai by atif aslam

  93. can i get the song of kaante movies please

  94. I require Jhoom Barabar Jhoom songs desperately…

  95. hey..i need songs of pankaj udhas…n…….

  96. Hi,

    I can’t find new movies songs,
    like Golmal,Hamko Diwana Kar Gaye.

  97. i want nagina movie songs.

  98. I would like to download songs from movie dus.especially dus bahane so i request you to fullfill my wish.thank you this site is doing wonderful job.god bless you.

  99. hii..
    i wud like to download songs of latest movie- AWARAPAN …………..AND QAYAMAT SE QAYAMAT TAK.

  100. Download salam-e-ishq vedio songs

  101. i kindly request you to send for me letest songs of altaf raja

  102. hi..
    i kindly request you to post the song ‘tu mane ya na mane’ from wadali brothers.
    thanks… bye

  103. Bhige hot tere sexy vedio song download

  104. hay……john….yaar vo gana chahiye tha…..(Papi chulo)…..jaldi de sakta hai kya…i know u can do it..m waiting..dekhte hai hamari kab tak sunte ho………..

  105. hii
    i want to download songs of “love story” tv serial…they r damn gud…
    pls pls make it for me….

  106. hi
    i want latest don movie songs

  107. hi
    i want aap ki khatri poly ring tone for my mobile plz upload it

  108. hi!
    i want all the songs from the movie called “jeans” staring aishwarya rai & prashanth(actor from south).but make it clear that i want it in mp3 format for my mobile.if you can arrange me a jeans(hindi) movie on either vcd/ reply me.

  109. Hey can u please send me the song
    “Khoya khoya chand rehta hao aasman ke paas”
    sung by Baabul Supriyo and Alka Yagnik in the album” khoya khoya chand.
    Searching 4 this song 4 a long time….

  110. I need wadali brothers TU MANE YA NA MANE DILDARA MP3…Plz…..kindly post it…if some one have it….I’ve tried a lot on the web….but still I can’t find a free download…Can some one upload it……

  111. i need a song of Atif which has wordings like “teri palkon ko meri palkon se” can i have it please

  112. Hello…
    can anyone upload english songs…
    my request is :
    “I wana love you, love you
    you already know”..

    any one plz

  113. Hello there……i have read alot many comments of many comers i also have request kindly send me the song “Zeehal e Muskin” from the movie ghulami plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and please any one kindly tell me the site from i can download old hindi songs of 70’s and 80’s

  114. can you plzzzzzzzz share Wadali brother’s song “Tu mane ya na mane dildara” to saurabhstuff (at), it will be so kind of u, thanks in advance

  115. Can you tell me how to lock a folder without using any folder lock software..

  116. Can u please send me the song
    “Khoya khoya chand rehta hao aasman ke paas”
    sung by Baabul Supriyo and Alka Yagnik in the album” khoya khoya chand.
    I’m searching 4 this song 4 a long time….


  118. hey i am a raman sood we want a song film hum se bhadkar kaun song name deva ho deva ganpati 2 second song film sajjan ki saheli song down

  119. [x]…HeYaaa I **LuRvviinG** Da PrOFiLe!!!! =D BuH I ThynK Yu ShuD Haavv MoRe VaRiTies oOv $oOnGz LyK BhaNgRa TuNeZ.. *put stereo nation songz* Pweassssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee =)…[x] OoOo and derz sum song something like thin -::- mera sona sajan ghar ah gaya eid hogaye merii muje chand nazar ahhh gaya!! xxx mwa xxx FnkOoOo’z’

  120. please give me song ring tones

  121. I need black eyed peas’s bebot in MP3 format by tuesday……Other wise I’ll not pay U $1million by saturday……… remember one thing i mean what i say……………OKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK…..

  122. hi i am a fresher in this site. and i am interested. plz give me the original song of love in the air album of silk route band that is “dooba dooba rehta hun”

  123. hi cool
    i want sons of kalash kher plz upload it

  124. plz s me d song DOOBA DOOBA REHTA HUN AANKHON MEIN TERI… by SILK ROUTE as soon as possible


  126. Hi !
    This is a great site …. it has given me my requested songs earlier also
    Today i am here with a request
    The Song : “I need you” from the Album Mended, by Marc Anthony,
    I am crazy about this song … this is a really- really nice song plz upload this song for me

    thanx in advance

  127. plz post me an audio song of dil le gayi kudi gujarat di sung by jassi

  128. please send ringtone of om shanti om film that is akho me teri ajab si adaye hey mobileno 9850583248

  129. please send ringtone of om shanti om film that is akho me teri ajab si adaye hey mobileno 9850583248

  130. iwill be very thankful of you IF you send this to my mobile upto my birthdays occasion 30th dec

  131. iwill be very thankful of you IF you send this ringtone of omshanti om film to my mobile upto my birthdays occasion 30th dec 9850583248

  132. I would be very thankful if you could give me the song Yeh Aankhein dekh kar hum sari duniya bhool jate hai by Lata Mangeshkar and Suresh Wadkar

  133. i want dooba dooba rehta hun song from silk route album in rm format

  134. Waiting for Jodha Akbar Songs…….

  135. Pls could you post me Jodha Akbar Songs…thanks indeed

  136. Hello
    Pls Send Me Shayari

  137. plz send me the song
    ‘ Ishq Tera Tarpai’
    Tare gin gin yaad

  138. could anybody sent me ringtone of JAANE KAHA GAYE WOH DIN from mera naam joker

  139. Sad Songs Of Kishore Kumar And Lata mangeskar

  140. i have tried a lot for the song “Tu mane Ya na mane Dildara” of wadali brothers. if some body know and have this song plz forward me ill b very thankfull 2 U.

  141. Pls send me songs of Movie Gangstar.

  142. i require the song ‘ Dil le gayee kidi gujtat di’ by sukhwinder singh plzz yaar im searchin it 4 nearly 5 months plz send me the entire song

    Plz send me…..!!!!!!!

  143. i wanna code fr tu mane ya na mane by wadali brothers album paigam-e-ishq rply urgently

  144. hi frd i am in serch of one song.. kitani der tak aaj sham ya saver tak. and kese bhulegi mera nam and kaabhi aana tu meri gali. plz send me dis songs

  145. i want songs of nasha by pankaj udhas

  146. hi,
    I’m looking for song frm movie ‘football shootball hai rabba’
    Anupam kher movie i think its hollywood movie.

  147. i love wajda gurop

  148. MA

  149. DIL SE DEAR:
    Har raat nashe me hote hai
    Aur raat Gujar jaati hai,
    Ek din aisa ayega,
    Raat nashe mai hogi
    Aur ham gujar jaayenge…

  150. wo roye to bahut par muh mod ke roye,
    bade mazboor honge wo jo dil tod ke roye,
    karke mere samnee meri tasveer ke tukde,
    pata chala baad me unhe jod ke roye.

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